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5 Responses to JESUS IS GOD

  1. mosespk says:

    when you open this blog feel as you are under the hand of God! so keep in touch.


  2. moses says:

    life is the travel but it is eaier and cheap if you are under the hand of God, i know foolish people says there is no God, but wise people says The Lord God is our sheephard. God bless you.


  3. mosespk says:

    hi my brothers and sisters, i’m today to talk to you about the topic which says tha “JESUS IS GOD” most of people even christians in world they dont know if Jesus is God they only say that Jesus is a son of God but himself is not God. but paattention to me. How the Bible tells us? Isaih 9.6 “For to us i child is born to us a son is given and he will be called worndoful conslor everlasting father Mighty God”. look we saw bible says the he will be called Mighty God it means Jesus is God. let jump to another scripture Titus.2:13 Jesus Christ the Mighty God. this spriture also it dispays that Jesus is God, also John14:6 Philp said Lord show to us the father, “Al the days i stayed with you but you are still to know who i’m” Jesus replied” if you sees me you sees the father. this scripture it is displaying clearly that Jesus means that “if you sees me you sees God” so he is God.


  4. james says:

    i like your teachings.


  5. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.


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