moses worldwide ministry

Now I’m making the worldwide ministry to reach out the world. I’m a preacher, I’m ready to go every where in the world to preach there the word of God. but most of all i need to make some changes in the world it is so hard but with God it is so easier. sometimes i need your support through your prayers, so when you pray remind God about. I’m still too young it is so few youths with the age as mine who preaches the word of God. I’m also a book writer soon I’ll publish here the of THE POWER OF GOD in English. but if you need the printed copy of this book even in Swahili or in English Language contact me I’ll send to you the free copy. and if you are a pastor of you have a ministry with your church and you need me to come to teach the word of God at your church or preach public for the harvest just contact me I’ll come over. moreover i beg you pleas be so eager to preach the word of every where in every environment. God be with you in Jesus name. Amen


About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail:
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  1. moses says:

    greetings in the name of our Lord Juses christ, today i’m here to talk about the word of God again.

    our topic today is ‘SIN’.
    when we say sin we mean “against the Lord” in this third planet there is nothing away from thin with can separet peaople from god.Bible says in Isaiah 59:2 your sins separeted your from your God. i have found that only sin causes conflict between God and Men, no sin no separetion! when god created a man he was a best friend of him but when a man commeted in sin God abandoned him, he separeted from him so i came to understand that if you have no sin god is your best friend but when you come into sin God will abandon you, and this is because God is holly bible says be holly as your father is holly. many peoples who are lost since long ago translates in wrong this passage…………………………………….. see you next day.


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