It is a common action for every christian when meets some problems shall cry out to God and he espects the answers acordding his prayer. but some times God seems to be quite! you will pray too much but you see no answer! when this condition appears many people thoughts themselves that God has forgott them.but what bible says? in the book of Isaya it says “But Zion says the Lord has forsaken me Jehovah has forgotten me.A woman can forgett a baby of her breast ever not look pity on him? yes she can forgett but i cant forgett you”. This is conforttable scriptures for you.

Many peoples in this third plannet when they come to meet several problems they think that may God has forgott about them, but God says a woman can forgott her baby, but God will never forgott you. this is true, there are many women now especcialy girls when they concieve and bore a baby they throws the babys into the dustbeens.but God says he will never forget you.

sometimes you may pray and you see no answer! do you know what is happening? you are not the first person to meet this condition.there is a story in bible, this story is talking about one youngman named Daniel, Daniel was a prophet, he prayed to ask something from God and bible says the same day he prayed God sent his angle to bring the answers to Daniel, but this Angle when he was in the race to Daniel the Angles of satan the avoided him to reach Daniel. Daniel was innorance about what is happening! he continious with the fasting prayer for 21 days he was eating nothing sweet. then God looked down to see why Daniel is still praying for the samething while he sent his answers, then God saw the angles os Satan avoided Gabriel (Massanger Angle) to reach Daniel then he sent Michael (Warrior Angle) to strike the angles of Satan. then Michael struck the angles of Satan and Gabriel Aproached Daniel with his answers from God.

What we learn from these scripture? we learn that when you are always in sorroful situation and you cry to God then you see no answer. you have no to give up, because may God has sent the answers to you but Satan Avoided them to reach you. so you are to cry to God day and night the same as Daniel did and God will answer you soon. remember jesus said There was a Judge who was not fear God nor man. and there was a widow who went to him everyday and tell him give me my debit with my opposer then the judge said i will give this widow her debit so she will not continious to disturb me. it is the same to your father of havean he will give soon the answers to those who crys to him day and night.

my beloved one when you are in hard period and you pray to God then you see no answer do not think that God has forgott you, but pray again and again till you recieve your answers.

God bless you in Jesus name

ev.Moses Mayila
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