Hi my brotherene in the Lord,
praise the Lord!

I’m here tonight to talk to you about this topic which says “IS IT THE WILL OF GOD FOR YOU TO SUFER?”

Many peoples when they meet problems the think may God is will for them to sufer, these peoples some how are right and somehow are wrong? why so? sometimes God allows satan to tempt us, Job:6-12. but most of time Satan opreses the people of God, he makes people to sufer without the pamition from God, there was a woman she was sick for several years, Jesus healled her on a sabath day, the people were so farious because he healed her on the sabath day. but jesus replied who among you have his sheep droped into the bass who would not pick her up because it is the sabath day? so is it not good to heal this woman whom ‘Satan opressed’ her for veveral years?
through these words of Jesus we realize that Satan oppresses the many people when they got problems they think may God is willing to sufer them, bible says in lamentation 33:3 – 3:33 God dislikes to make the people to sufer! so if you have any problem do not speak direct that God is willing for you to have that problem, but ask God “where this problem is from?” then rebuke that problem in the name of Jesus then look what will happen. most of time Satan makes peoples to sufer, he brings many problems upon us and his purpose is to pull us down from our faith, but we have the power through the holly spirit to overpower him in the mighty name of Jesus.

Start rebuking your problems now they will run away from you, rebuke the rest of the hand of Satan upon, he will run away from you, bible says in James 4:7 “Respect God, oppose Satan he will run away from you”

God bless you my brotherene.
Ev.Moses Mayila
+255 715961270


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