Praise The Lord my brotherene,

Today i’m always here to present to you a new topic, i remember i  already presented it in Swahili language.

As we know the Holly spirit gives us power to overcome every thing in the world, he gives us power to overcome the power of Satan in this world, Even Jesus said to his disciples “do not go away but stay in the city until you receive power from above” on the pentecostal the holly spirit came down ad they receive power from heaven, so they went to preach boldly.

but my point i will take from the book of Samuel, there was a man named Samson i think most you knows about this person, he was so powerful, but he was not full powerful all the time, but his power was coming and going!

one day Samson was in journey, immediately a lion came against him, Bible says the spirit of the Lord came upon him he tored a lion like a young goat! look upon this wonderful story! a man tored a lion like a young goat! but he did not tore a lion with his natural power, but there was another power came upon him to enable him to tore that lion, and that power was from the holly spirit. now i realize that The Holly Spirit can give you unexpressible power, he can give you a power to over come your enemies, to overcome your problems, and to make you strong in spirit and body.

One day the people they bound Samson and they went to hand him into the hand of his enemies the Philistines, Bible says when the philistines they saw Samson is bounded the shout out with joy, but bible says The Spirit of the Lord came upon him, he cut off all codes, then he pick a bone of donkey and he struck thousand peoples.

Look at Samson, he was bounded, But the spirit of the Lord came upon him and he struck many peoples.that day Samson would die but he struck his enemies, very wonderfully! we realize that, nothing impossible with the Holly Spirit, he can make you seem different person. if the holly spirit stays in you, you will live the supernatural life.

My brotherene you have to require from the Holly spirit now the ability to overcome every thing which is coming against you.

God bless you. 

Ev.Moses Mayila
+255 715961270


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