Praise the Lord my brethren,

I am always here tonight to get to speak to you again, our topic tonight is “The Ten Commandments are Better than the other Commandments?” Most of Peoples knows that the first (Ten Commandments) are better than the others but these people are incorrect, Why? every scripture with the breath of God is worthy for teachings, but many peoples knows that the ten commandments are very better and very important than the others, some peoples tries to defend this point to prove that the ten commandments are better that the others, they defends like this: “The ten commandments is very better than the other because the ten was brought by God’s mouth direct to the Israelites, he did not brought these commandments through prophet’s hands as other commandments came.”

this is the defense of these people. But let me publish the truth, it is not true that God brought only ten commandments to the Israeltes, but God brought direct with his hands many commandments to the Israeltes, he was speaking direct to them on the mountain Sinai. but the reason which caused these commandments to be only ten is: when the Lord was speaking to them the Israelites they fallen into fear when the Lord was approached on ten command in the commandments list “THE ISRAELITES THEMSELVES THEY STOPPED GOD TO CONTINUE SPEAKING TO THEM BY FACE BECAUSE THEY FEAR THAT THEY WOULD DIE” so if they would not avoid the Lord to speak to them these commandments would be more than ten, some scripture Researchers says that the sum total of commandments is over six hundred.

So the ten and other commandments are equal in the Lords presence, all are better its betterment it is equal, but some of them are great than others for example: Love Your God with your whole heart. This is the greatest commandment, but its betterment is equal. be aware of lazy teachings spy the scripture to understand the word of God. God help you man/woman of God in Jesus name. Amen.

Ev.Moses Mayila
+255 715 961270


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