Praise the Lord my dear in the Lord.

This night as always i’m here to get to speak to you through text again, our topic tonight is “THE POWER TO SUCCEED OR TO FAIL IS UPON YOU” but somebody can ask me “Moses the power to control everything is belongs to god, so how can you say the power to succeed or to fail is upon you? be cause Bible says in the Book of Jeremiah “Death and Life are in your tongue” by how? we remember that God created everything except only a man by tongue, when he was saying let be light it happened, let be expense to divide water it happened. so we realize that there is a power in a tongue, someone may say as this: The ability to control and to create something with tongue its belongs to God only, but when we refer to the book of genesis 1:26-27 God said let us created a man in our form, and in our appearance, he shall reign over all creatures, so we are created in God’s form, means that we are as God, if we are as God we have the power to react as God, so God knew about this from the beginning he said life and death are in your tongue, means that whatever your tongue will speak will be done, in another side our tongue are the creaters.

So when you speak something just be serious with it, do not speak as joke, remember Esau he was speaking as a joke to his young brother Jacob, he sold his firstborn to Jacob for the food because he was hungry. but because he spoke his word created the real as he spoke, furthermore he tried to find it with tears but he did not find it.

God bless you in the Lord.

Ev.Moses Mayila
+255 715 961270


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