Praise God people of God,

Today I’m here to get to talk to you about the above subject. Bible says in Deuteronomy “your enemies they will come to you through one way, but they will run away from you within seven ways” This is showing clearly how God is willing to revenge for your enemy. I remember one day log ago there is a servant of God in Tanzania and he was my teacher named Diclas Mayunga, he said, one day he was preaching in one village the people were furious with him because he was preaching with a loud voice as I. so one day there was a mourn in a village a girl named Angel was died, but Diclas did not attend the mourn but he was preaching around a village, so they went to arrest him and they brought him in the presence of all people. they was very anger because he did not attend the mourn, so they was in mind to kill him. but Diclas entered a house in which a girl’s body was laid, he prayed and God raised up that Girl. then Diclas get out to the crowd, the peoples they start to pull him, they was though quick wants to kill him, but Diclas called a dead by name “Angle come here” a dead get out she was well. when the people saw that a dead has been raised, they fsll into fear and all of them they run everybody by his own way, there was a farm of cassavas they destroyed all cassavas by trampling all when they was running.

My beloved when i look through this action i compared with the scripture in the book of Deuteronomy which says that “Your enemy they will come to you through one way, but they will run away from you within seven ways”

do not worry to look the way to revenge to your enemy there is God who will revenge, he says “vengeance is from me, i will revenge” so let your enemy live as the Lord wills but he will revenge against him on his proper time. do not pick up your sword to kill your enemy there is the Lord who will raise up his sword against your enemy, he rebuked Apostle peter when he cut off the ear of the soldier who came to arrest Jesus. but what you have to do is to pray for your enemy God will scroll down to look upon you.

Be pertient people of God, your father sees your agony.

Ev.moses mayila
+255 715 961270


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