Well come back on our learning site, My name is Moses Mayila.

Today we are going to learn about the power of prayer. As the topic above says “YOUR PRAYER CAN CHANGE GOD’S PURPOSE UPON YOU” Bible says in the book Kings “King Hezekiah was sick, God sent Isaiah the prophet to him, he said to him, make sure all things of your house because you will never recover recover from this sickness, but sure you will die, then Hezekiah turned his face to the wall then he cried and and prayed to God, he said look Oh Lord how i am perfect in your sight. Then God sent back Isaiah to king Hezekiah and he told him, i heard you crying and i saw your tears, so i will increase 15 years more upon you to live.”
Through this scriptures we learn that Prayer can control every thing, and prayer can change everything, and prayer can change even the purpose of God upon you, may be God has decided something in your life which may be you dislike so if you pray God will change his decision. Look it was the purpose of God to remove his servant Hezekiah from the face of the world, but Hezekiah prayed and God changed his purpose. Even to the Israelites when they defiled themselves by worshiping the idols God decided to kill them but Moses prayed for them then God changed his decision, God decided to kill Moses’ brother Aron because he did wrong in the sight of the Lord but Moses prayed for him God changed his purpose he did not kill him.

So Prayer can change everything, i realize that there is nothing impossible with prayer, even Jesus said to his disciples “If you would have even a little faith as the mastered seed you would tell this mountain be removed and be planted into a sea and would obey you, but they will never, unless with fasting and praying” so prayer can remove even something which seems to be impossible. stay in prayer you will see the changes.

be blessed.

Ev.Moses Mayila
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  1. Emma Bail says:

    Very well said….Prayer has ll the power to even change the God’s purpose to us..Prayer is the open communication to the God..When we pray to the God from our pure heart He must listen our prayers.There is nothing impossible with prayers.Prayers are the our heart wishes..They keep connecting us with the God…Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us…

    May God bless you always…
    Emma Bail


  2. mosespk says:

    you are right man of God. be blessed much.


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