Well come back on our learning centre, my name is Ev.Moses Mayila.

As our topic is “THERE IS A DIFFERENCE FROM FATHER, SON AND HOLLY SPIRIT?” the answer is no, there is no difference, because God is completed into three consince which are father, son and holly spirit, but all are both God, remember Jesus said i am into my father and father into me all we the same, then the people the want to stone him. if you pass through the book of mathew 13 Jesus drove out demons and people said he was driving through bulzebub the prince of demons, but Jesus said i drove cast out demons through the holly spirit, so we understand that the holly spirit is the working power of God. Father is the main he crowed his son to be a rule over all creatures, all of them are same.

be blessed man/woman of God

Ev.Moses Mayila


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