some problems may be upon you for the Glory of God

Wellcome back on our lerning centre my name is Moses Mayila.
As our topic says “SOME PROBLEMS MAY BE UPON YOU FOR THE GLORY OF GOD” we read the stroy of a man who was criple during his birth, the disciples asked the Lord, who sinned and cauesed this person to be criple? Jesus replied “No body nor his parents, but he is, beause of the glory of God. then Jesus healed him and he praise God along the others.
My dear friend i would like to let you know that not every problem is temptation, nor came from satan, some problems may come upon you so that the name of the Lord may be lifted up! This criple person he was holding this problem since he was born but the reason was not because his parrents are sinners, but because of the glory of God. so We now realize that God can perform something in your life which seems in your eyes bad but to him is glory! may be you are a barren and you have prayed much to require a child from God but you received no even pregnance! do not cry! but give thanks to God and tell him i thank you Lord because you has make me barren for your glory, then see what will happen sure God will reveal to you. if he did not make you barren for his glory but the hand of Satan has make you barren, God will strike Satan from your womb and you will get a baby. because God can not Agree to recieve praise in which he did not bin about.

the Lord protect you man/woman of God.

Ev.Moses mayila


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