Welcome back on our learning centre my name is Ev.Moses Mayila.
today we are going to look on the mission of Jesus, many people knows that Jesus came in the world only to bring the Gospel, they are correct but there is still something special he came for. we read in the book of Luke when Jesus said “The son of man came to seek the lost” This word is the full reason of his mission, he came to seek the the sinners not the righteous then we remember when the Pharisees challenged him saying “His friends are prostitutes and tax collectors” then he replied “The healthier are not in want of a doctor but the sicks.” Now we realize that Jesus came for the sinners so he was after the sinners.
Refer to the decree he decreed to his disciples “As my father sent me the same i sent you in the world” how did he mean? God sent him to redeem the sinners and he sent us the same as his was been sent, it means that we must go after the sinners to preach the Gospel to them. so be strong in spirit, let us step forward the sinners and tell them about Jesus then we will fulfill the mission of Jesus.
God bless you.

Ev.Moses Myila


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