This is the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus went to pray at the night when he was about to be arrested, he prayed until the dropping sweat of blood dropped from him. the left tree beside the buildings has been said that are existed during Jesus’ period till today.


About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail:
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    Funnily enough, I think it might be ok if it wasn’t for the big image-ad. That definitely currently undermines the feel of the whole page. I think you need to either drop that (which I’m sure you can’t do) or have some other pictures elsewhere.


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  7. My friends, the Ultra-Far-Left believes that name-calling can intimidate you into silence. Dont cave! As an American, you have a right to express your views to the politicians who WORK FOR YOU, even if they dont like it.


  8. Sean Chhon says:

    To be honest the Watkins Award is what excites me the most. We are recruiting incredibly talented football players and leaders in their respective communities.


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