We are happy to welcome you in our praying program, this week we gonna pray for Japan, we will pray that God may remember his people (Japanese) and save them, pleas help us praying about this, also we will be praying for peace in the world. Remember Jesus got suffer to redeem the people, so we must now cry out to God to beg Him to redeem His people from the hand of Satan, Diseases, Sufferings, war and Sin. pleas come with us, let us knell before the Lord.

If you have the special request for prayers such as sickness, problems, sufferings, marriage, etc. pleas contact us through our e-mails, or leave a comment at this site.


About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail: newhopeministrytanzania@gmail.com
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  1. james kondo says:

    thanks i join you in this prayers, be blessed all.

    james kondo


  2. hezekiah jimmy says:

    even me i will join you too, but i want to know which day we will be praying. be blessed all.

    from benin


  3. frola aliapender says:

    Praise Jesus, i am happy to join this prayers, God bless you New Hope Ministries,

    from south africa


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  6. Kayce Burman says:

    Im going to the next match.


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