A christian egyptian citizen was killed yesterday evening by muslims in a sectartan brawl. A number of involved have been arrested by the police autority.
nmoris777: The brawl started yesterday morning when a young muslim who was riding a bike hit a young christian. A regular brawl has started between muslims and christians but throwing stonesby muslims next to saint mary church led to a big brawl and during the evening prayers the brawl has been renewed and continued till the early mornig of the nest day which caused the murder of the 52 years christian citizen maher nassif tobia , many of both sides have been wounded and 6 houses owned by christians were burned. The burned houses belong to talaat (the victim brother) ,the priest youanas okasha , arsanyous azmy ,moussa charly ,isak nasr allah and his brother maher. may the Lord help his church in Egypt in the name above all names.


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  1. I agree Chuck, until they change their ways and learn to manage and stay within a budget, they will just blow through any more money given to them. No lessons learned if the Government keeps giving in to their whims. I agree with other posters on here tootrim the fat in an overinflated Government. Freeze their salary for 3 years with no more raises, increase private sector jobs, create a VAT tax, do away with the IRS and the Federal Income Tax, keep State taxes as this does pay for police and fire protectionthere are so many areas to cut the fat but they wont because they have no integrity and just dont care about the American people only about whats in it for me?


  2. so he is getting sentenced on nov 20. odds are he will be going to jail, which he deserves to. i have lost all respect for antwon. he broke the law, and did a horrible thing. so yeah i agree they should just get rid of him now, and not wait till november.


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  4. wtf is going on here?


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