Few days ago before the death of the Libyan King (Muamar Gaddafi). The New Hope Ministry’s founder Ev.Moses Mayila was preaching at the crusade in Dar es salaam Tanzania. he was preaching about Peace in the world, he passed through the book of Daniel which is talking about the dream of the statute, he said “Now there is no peace in the world, every where people are crying, leaders are crying, look at Libya the King was giving every thing to his people but the wonderful is, his people they denied him they said we do not need you to reign over our country. This is the big problem upon Gaddafi if he will never commit his life to Jesus, he will be full crashed.” After 3 moths Gaddafi was reported to be killed in Libya, so if he would hear the word of Ev.Moses that he should give his life to Jesus may be he would not die. it is a great sorrow to us for the powerful leader such as Gaddafi to die into sin. Now many peoples are talking bad about two leaders of Africa, (1) Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and (2) Museven of Uganda. Peoples are saying these leaders are leading such as the dictators so there is also possibility for these leaders to be crashed as Gaddafi. please pray for these leaders may God touch their hearts they should turn to God and save their life. God Bless Africa, Lord protect his people, Father restore peace in the world.Amen


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