Many sicks in Tanzania are expects to die while there is no Doctor in duty. the reason which caused conflicts between the doctors and the Government is the wages for the doctors. The government has failed to pay the worthy wages for the Doctors. it is almost a month now this conflict is going on. one day the prime minister ordered the doctors to return back to the duty, but yesterday the Professional doctors also they joined other doctors in job leaving action, they left the sick and many sicks ware crying at Hospital.
But Today Peoples ware gathered together currying up the written boards to convince the government to make the agreement with the doctors soon as possible. These peoples they wanted the ministry of health to resign. Actually we do not know how many peoples has died right now. but yesterday there was 400 women paining in labor with bad condition needs of operation but there was no Doctor. until now there is no solution of this problem.

I can say May be this is the struck of God upon Tanzania, because the government does not believe in God, so may be God is bringing plugs upon the country so that may people should know that there is God. Tanzania is full of peace, there is no war for several years, so now peoples in Tanzania are die not by war but by sickness, it is such as the period of Moses, The Lord struck and killed the peoples of Israel with diseases instead of war. we know the country is under rebellion government, the government does not obeys God. even the freedom of the country was taken not from the hand of God but from the hand of Satan, because the first president who brought the freedom he said “We dig a pit, we slaughtered a goat, the blood of goat was poured into that pit, then i jumped over that pit, then elders they said the kingdom of colonies has now ended. after there we got the freedom.” so this is not the way of God in handing freedom. this is Satanic ways. Because the country is committed to Satan the problems they will never stop. but now this is the time to redeem Tanzania, its a time to take back our country. so let us raise together then let us call the Name of the Lord, and the Lord will Answer.
So we beg you please pray for that National, ask God to bring the solution for his people Tanzania. ask for forgiveness for Tanzania. then rebuke Satan to leave a country. he has oppressed us for 50 years, but he must leave us now. pleas pray for redemption. God bless you.


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