Praise Jesus,
You are welcome on our learning centre we always learn the Word of God everyday. Today we are going to learn about the Heading above ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ Most of peoples when they meet several hard problems they expect that God will help them, then they see God is not responding, they give up! Remember God does not come quick nor delay to come, but he comes on his proper time. so he can’t come before his proper time, its such as a pregnant woman she suffers for 9 months, a perfect baby can’t come before those 9 months. So a woman stays in wait for her baby to come because she knows her baby will come on his proper time. She never force her baby to come before the proper time, she knows if she force her baby to come before his proper time her baby must be a premature!

You also supposed not to force God to bless you before his proper time, unless you will receive the premature blessing (Uncompleted blessing) but you have to keep quite, knows in your heart the Lord will appear to you on his proper time. do not force the Lord to appear to you in the little while. Look at Abraham, God promised to give him a son while Abraham was a young, but God did not give him til he became an elder! but Abraham did not gave up, but he was still waiting a son from the Lord. so be such as Abraham, Do not Give Up. You may be fired from your job, abandoned with your people, slandered with your friends, divorced from your husband, your wealth has gone. do not give up, ask the Lord then keep in wait he will appear to you on the proper time. Never Give Up!

God Bless you.

Ev.Moses Mayila
New Hope Ministry


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