Welcome back on our learning centre my name is Ev.Moses Mayila.
Today we are going to learn about “Worry not of your future”

Jesus said “Do not worry about tomorrow, about what you will eat and cloth, so your father in heaven knows what you need. Look at the birds of the air, they have no field nor store but they eat every day. Are you not more precious than those birds?”

This is an encouragement word “Are you not more precious than those birds?” So now we understand that God feeds the birds, but we realize those birds are not precious than us! so we have great advantage to receive from God whatever we need. Also if you pass through the parable of the Judge there is the passage says Jesus Said “So Father will give soon those who cries to him day and night.”

Many peoples are though worried with their feature, they look at their future then they see darkness, some peoples commits suicide because they do not know about their future. some peoples leaves their families, some peoples divorces from their marriage. and some peoples cries all the time. Let me rise up your hope this day, Do not worry there is the one who died on a cross for your sake he said “Do not worry about tomorrow” he will straight everything in your life. do not worry you are divorced he will restore your marriage again. Do not worry you are very sick, and the doctors told you that you will never recover, trust the Lord you will recover and every body will be amazed on you! Do not worry that you are very poor he knows you well. do not care that you do not know about your life’s tomorrow, the Lord knows what you need he will never let you die, but he will rescue you. be strong and encourages.

The Lord be with You Always.


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  1. Meinrald says:

    The message is Good,but you have misused the word “FEATURE: for Future,


  2. bwana Yesu asifiwe naama maombi yenu mimi ni mwenye dhambi nimekuwa mhubiri kwa wenzangu mimi naanguka napenda sana huduma ya maombi


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