Welcome back on our learning centre, my name is Ev.Moses Mayila

Taday we are going to learn about ‘GOD WILL BE BACK IN YOUR LIFE EVEN YOU ARE A SINNER’
Let us see the word of God from the Book os Isiah 54:7-11 “For a mere moment i have forsaken you,but with great mercies i will gether you,
with a little wrath i hid my face from you for a moment; but with everlasting kindness i will have mercy on you. says the Lord your redeemer”

My beloved in the Lord, may be you did something which is wrong in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord was angry with you, so he hid his face from you,
then you are crying and suffering all the time. you are saying in your heart i am worthless. But the Lord says to you, “For a mere moment i have forsaken you,
but with great mercies i will gether you. The Lord is promising you that he will return to you with mercy, oh great mercy, he says with a little
wrath he hid his face from you, but with everlasting kindness he will mercy you.

Many peoples think that when a person do anything which is wrong in the ways of the Lord, he becomes a worthless person before God, some believers
disolates their peoples because are sinners. In this third planet when peoples see you are walking with the sinners, peoples will abandon you because
you are a friend of sinners, this thing also happened to Jesus when he was eating with the tax collectors, peoples said “He is not Holly, Sinners and prostitutes
are his friends” many Peoples knows a sinner is nothing before God. This concept has overtook many believers! because they do not know how the love of
God is! God loves all peoples. sometimes i think may be God he is much loves the sinners than the rightous, so he brought Jesus his beloved son to die on a
cross for them, Jesus did not dead for those who are perfect, but he dead for the sinners. so God Loves much the Sinners. the problem which
brings conflict between them and God is their sins, God is willing to help them, but the sins avoiding them to have relationship with God, so God hides his
face from them. So sometimes you can see God is not helping you, and you know the reason is your sins, please confese todays, God says
for a mere moment he left you but he will be back to you again. He says “with a little wrath he abandoned you” he abandoned you because of your sins,
but God still loves you much, please do not waste time now, but step forward to this kindness love. Talk to God your creator, say to him, father i did
what is detestable in your sight, but now i realize that you love me, so i love you too my father. please have mercy on me Lord, Forgive me Jesus.
Then you will see the merciful hand of the Lord coming upon you and you will see the changes in your life. God loves you man and woman, hang on him your
life today, return to him and he will return to you. he is though kindful and merciful. he will be back to your life again.

Thank you for returning to the Lord, be safe and blessed much. Amen


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