Welcome back on our learning centre, my name is Ev.Moses Mayila.

Praise Jesus,

Today we are Going to learn about “TO BE BLESSED DOES NOT MEAN TO BECOME A RICH” Most of Peoples knows that a blessed Person is a one who have much wealth, many
children and richness. So many peoples even the believers desires to have much money because they know that to be blessed is to become a rich. Some peoples insults
God, says to God “God i respect you, but why you do not bless me? but you bless the sinners!” They speak such words because they have no money and the sinners are
owning much money! so they think God has blessed the sinners because they have money and he did not bless his people because they do not have money!

Bibles Says “BLESSED IS THE ONE WHO HIS SINS HAS BEEN FORGIVEN” So to be blessed is not have much money, wealth nor richness. But to be blessed is to be forgiven
of your sins. A person who his sins are forgiven is the blessed one! it is not true that when you become a rich it means that you are blessed! most of rich
peoples are muderers, robbers, peoples who got rich after killing somebody, drug sellers and etc. so can you tell me those peoples are also blessed? the answer is
no. so now we understand that to be blessed is not to have money, wealth nor richness, but is to be forgiven, freed from chains of sin. So King solomon was too rich
than any body before him in the world, and he was rejoicing much more with his richness, he set up the high security to secure him, he was been secured with soldiers
and two Lions first lion at his right hand and second lion at his left hand. we saw our kings now are very protected with electric machines, soldiers and dogs but there is none now who has a strong protection such as king solomon. Solomon became a heroes of renown person, his fame was spreaded around the world and some peoples went to visit him with many precious things, so he advanced more in richness. but at the rest he said “This is meaningless and chasing after the wind” Think a rich person such as Solomon he denied his richness and say “This is meaningless”! Solomon said so beacause he understood what is blessing, he understood that to be blessed is to be forgiven.

Man and woman of God, do not be worried with the richness of the world any more, you are already blessed becaused you are sins are forgiven. do not worry chasing after wealth, just ask God to give you wealth from him, if he is willing, he will give you. also remember the glory of the world nd its kingdoms are belongs to Satan (Mathew 4:8-9). So if your sins are forgiven, relux and rejoice in the Lord because you are blessed.

Stay in touch with God, walk through the blessings, in Jesus name. Amen


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