welcome back on our learning centre my name is Ev.moses mayila.

We gonna learn about how can you know if God has spoke to you through a dream.
As many scientific researches shows that a person may be have a dream because his brain is rewinding what he saw or think when he was still to sleep. And Bibles Says Dreams comes after a man has many duties. But the same Bibles showing God did spoke to many peoples through dreams! God spoke to Joseph through dreams. Also he spoke to Joseph the husband of Marry the virgin, he told told him to escape from the hand of Herod, because Herod was about to kill a baby (Jesus). so now we realize that some times dreams comes because of the brain references and sometimes is the message from God.

How can you identify the dream of the brain references and the message which comes from God?
There is such dreams which you may dream about something which you was not thinking about it. and you may have the same dream which repeats to you for several times. you may have a dream, somebody who you do not know him talking to you about something. you also may have a dream, but you never forget about it for years. and you may have dream while you was sleeping, then after you woke up the all the time you remember and think about that dream. most of these dream kinds comes from God.

You have to know that, God must tell you about something wrong which gonna take place in your life, but sometimes it is not easy to understand what he is talking about because often God speaks but not openly but in parables. for example: Some body in the Bible dreamed, in a dream he saw eight thin cows are eating eight fat cows! the dream was meaning the eight years of famine. you may dream that you are dead! that means that in the days to come your faith gonna fall. so many peoples they dreamed about somethings and those things they came to take place. so you will hear a person says “Oh i dreamed about this” but while he got a dream he did not know that was a message from God!

May be God speaks to you several times, but you do not know if he is talking to you! please note from today and pray so he should speak to you again.
Because God does not often speak openly it is not easy for you to know what he is talking about unless you walk through the dream interpretation gift. so if you do not have that gift please find somebody who has that gift he will interpret to you. Or ask God to speak to you openly.

God bless you man/woman of God.


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    Good Article.


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