Bishop David Odeyepo: why Africa is Poor?

Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church, has attributed the problems of the African Continent to Idol worship.

The seasoned man of God lampooned political leaders for using charms and engaging in oath taking, thereby attributing the challenges facing Africa, including poverty, to idol worship.
“Political leaders in Africa are dull because they follow idols. What is a senator doing in the Senate house with charms? Idol worshipping is the challenge of African nations. That is why poverty is deep across the African continent despite the rich resources in many nations,” Oyedepo said.

The Bishop noted that Africans are subjected to suffering as a result of the worship of money which invariably leads to ritual killings in the country. However, he implored the congregation to embrace the total worship of God in order for sanity to return to the country as well as avoid a curse.
“It is worship of the god of money that has made ritual killing rampant in the nation. People do just anything to be rich. Until you return back to God fully, you will still be under the curse of idol worshipping,” said Bishop Oyedepo.
He also criticized the godfather phenomenon in African politics, particularly in Nigeria, which he described as another form of idol worship. He said it is the major contributing factor to the political problems many African countries are facing today.


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4 Responses to Bishop David Odeyepo: why Africa is Poor?

  1. Precious says:

    Thats’ so real Bishop.Africa is largely obcessed with Idolatry, greed,witchcraft,tribalism even in churches,you can imagine!.we have to fight and we still have a long way to go.
    political leaders are not only dull but,they are blind! gifts(bribes)have so much blindened them.
    What should we do if the foundations are gone?And what of this Freemansion issue in presidents?Oh,Jesus help us to overcome this evil world.
    Though,we need to fight for our right to richness.children of God aren’t supposed to die in porverty.
    NB:’Lazarus was not poor’,that has blindened alot of christians today.he was so rich.the poverty talked about is spiritual blindness.meaning that,he refused the pleasures of the world and decided to give his life to Jesus entirely.thats’ what is reqired of us all in order to develop.rise up african men and women of God!.-Precious.


  2. Precious says:

    God!,i meant spiritual poverty not blindness.sorry!.


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