Do not Afraid about your enemies

Welcome back at our learning centre, my name is Ev.Moses Mayila.

Praise Jesus!

Most of peoples are afraid about their enemies, most of them they never get sleep because they always think about their enemies! some peoples they never walk openly because they afraid of their enemies. Let me comfort you man/woman of God, in 2 chronicles 20:15 Bibles says “For the battle is not yours, but God’s. This story is talking about the Victory which king Jehoshaphat got against his enemies. the king received information, so they was coming to fight against him. Jehoshaphat turned his face to his army but he saw it was powerless to fight against those peoples. So Jehoshaphat went to require help from the Lord. Then the Lord told him ‘you need not to fight, but you will be singing praising the Lord’ Then Jehoshaphat with his army did so. then the Lord cam e against his enemies, then Jehoshaphat got his victory on that war.

May be you looks like Jehoshaphat, your enemies are raising up against you such as Jehoshaphat. do not afraid but speak to the Lord God your creator, he says the fight is not for you, but for him! so he will fight for you, he will concur for you, you will get the victory. may be you are looking on your enemies then you see are many, are powerful and you are powerless against them. do not afraid woman/man of God. for Your God is ready to fight for you. Look God says “Your enemies will come to you by one way but they will scatter from you by seven ways. so do not be confused man/woman of God, your God is watching you. No body will harm you, so stay comfortable and safe because you are protected. Let your enemies roar against you as lions, but they will be quite as sheep leading to the slaughter. God help you woman/man of God in the name above all names. Amen


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One Response to Do not Afraid about your enemies

  1. kenny says:

    i love this! really helped tnx!


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