3 Revelations of Faith – by Benny Hinn

The 1st thing that begins to happen the Measure of Faith begins to be built in you. Faith comes by the word. It’s revelation, you’re looking for Jesus everywhere. Now the measure of faith becomes the foundation to the Fruit of Faith. As you’re living your life you discover there’s a Gift of Faith. Measure of Faith – for living the life. I live by the measure. (Life of Heaven) Fruit of Faith – comes not only for living but for nurturing. I’m able to give away what God has given to me. There’s fruit, there’s something I can give away. (Nutrients/Nourishment of Heaven) Gift of Faith – comes for healing, for demonstration, for the miraculous. There’s a release of the power of heaven. (Contact with the power of heaven).

Let’s talk about the Gift.

I Cor 12:9 – faith as one of the gifts. Manifestations of the spirit. They are supernatural in character. The Gift of Faith is a sovereign manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Mark 11:22 – have God’s faith – Gift of Faith

Have the faith ‘of’ God – have God’s faith in you. Jesus commands us to have this kind of faith.

Matt 21:21 – the gift of faith that moves mountains

I Cor 13 – If I had the faith to move mountains

Mark 11:23 – it belongs to all – whoever – this comes with the Holy Spirit turning the fruit of faith into the gift of faith, not reading. The Word has to become life to me first. It all begins in the mind. You have to renew your mind. You keep feeding your mind with the Word of God. The battle is in the mind. The weapons of our warfare … casting down imaginations, every thought….
When we begin reading the Bible it’s all mental. It’s time to switch places from the mind to the heart. The mind can receive knowledge. You can become a walking Bible and a dead Christian. There are a lot of preachers out there who can’t even pray for the sick.

When I was young I began to read Matthew not Jeremiah. I was reading Matthew in my room and could not understand what Jesus was saying. It took me years before I heard Kathryn Kuhlman say that the Bible was a revelation of Jesus Christ. I began looking for Jesus when I began preaching in 1984-85. The Lord became real to me, it was no longer mental. Then suddenly the fruit enters my heart. The minute it happens, something happens to me, it starts working. It renews the mind, it works in the heart. The measure of faith renews the mind, it’s all it does. The fruit of faith works in the heart, it’s all it does. The measure doesn’t work by love, it works by knowledge. The heart is touched when the word in the mind becomes Rhema in my heart.

It continues to build in my heart and to my amazement my words becomes powerful in my mouth. The measure of faith renews my mind, the fruit of faith is feeding my heart, but the gift of faith is spoken by my mouth. Kenneth Haggin taught about speaking faith but no one knew what faith he was talking about. He didn’t show the process you have to go through. I began pounding my mind with the Word. Being from Israel it helped me because I knew where places were but it didn’t help me with my heart.

Gift of Faith in action:

Luke 8:24

Matthew 17:18-21

The gift of faith is God’s faith at work

James 5:15
The prayer of faith releases the gift of faith. O how I with I could go there but you’re not ready for that yet. The elders lay hands on the sick and the elders are the ones who forgive. I don’t want to touch this but I will. I believe the Catholic Church has truth that we lost. God has given us the authority to forgive sins or not forgive sins. There is a place where ministers of the Gospel can forgive sin. It’s in the Bible. It comes with the Gift of Faith. The Gift of Faith gives you authority to get into places where others cannot.

Elijah experienced the Gift of Faith when he withheld the rain from coming. It was the Gift of Faith Peter experienced when walking on water. The Gift of Faith comes for a reason for a season.

Let’s go on to the Fruit. I’m taking you backwards to help you.

Gal 5:22-23
The Gift of Faith could be compared to a gift on a Christmas Tree but the Fruit of Faith like an apple on an apple tree. The gift on the Christmas tree is not part of the tree. The fruit is part of the tree. The gift of faith does not reveal the tree but the tree does. The gift of faith expresses the ability of God, the fruit His character. Paul says there will be a time where gifts won’t be needed but character will be forever. The gift of faith is for now, the fruit of faith for eternity. The gift and the fruit compliment each other. Fruit is an expression of character. Gift an expression of ability. It’s the fruit that comes out of abiding in Christ – John 15:5. The fruit is the result of His presence as I abide in Christ. The fruit of faith is what Jesus called Child Like faith. Child Like faith is grounded in the Master, it’s trust in Christ that’s so precious.

Ps. 125:1 – faith, trust that causes your life and foundation to be built in God’s Holy Mountain.

The fruit of faith is born out of abiding in Christ.

I was 19 yrs old, began to read God’s word. It was like a hammer to my mind, your brain is like a rock, so full of the world. It could take you 10 yrs, now your mind is renewed, heaven enters your mind, the Word starts to take effect. You go to church, you praise but you can’t worship. You go to those Word churches but they are dead. Revelation, the rhema feeds me, the logos doesn’t.

John 15:5 – Jesus says if I abide in Him there will be fruit.

One day because was so real to me, I started to experience His power. I said ‘come out of her’

The fruit of faith is so real because the substance of Jesus is in it.

What faith is Heb 11? He’s talking about the fruit. It’s so clear now. There’s no substance to the measure, there’s no substance to the gift. There’s substance in the fruit. I chew on it. Why did they died in caves? Because they saw the substance. The Cloud of Witnesses are Heb.
Phil 1 – Paul I’m between 2 decisions whether stay here or go to heaven. I’m taking a detour now to show you that those who are in heaven know what goes on here.

Phil 1:21-27
Talking about whether to die or live. Paul says in verse 27 whether I come to see you. If I die I still know that you’re doing ok. This is for your relatives to know your relatives know what you’re doing when they die.

Bnny Hinn – Benny hin ministries


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2 Responses to 3 Revelations of Faith – by Benny Hinn

  1. Neren Sarabjeeth says:

    Very blessed by reading the word of faith. I am a Hindu but love the word of blessing by Pastor Benny Hinn.


  2. I have been inspired by Pastor Benny and thus have written a book THE PLAN OF GOD –God Shares His Life ” Donald Roth, Xlinix Publishing. I wrote this because God has been so maligned by our world and the world needs to see Him as He truly is, a LOVING FATHER, PRVOIDER, and PROTECTOR. So I just felt comelled to write about Him. I am not a pastor or teacher, but just a man who loves God. I can send you a copoy of the book if interested.


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