Text: EXODUS 4:1-4

Theme: serving God with what we have:


When Moses was called to serve God, he was giving excuses and God used what he has “the rod” in his hand as a sign that he can serve him and he has been called;

God is calling all of us to serve him in different level ,areas, and Positions. God has a purpose with every one of us ,and for us to fulfill that purpose we have been given different things “rods” in our life.Just like Moses, you have your own “rod” which God wants to use in order his purpose in your life to be accomplished.

we  have no excuse, for  in our hands God has given us various things, which we can serve God with, it can be our Possession, our Job, our talents, our skills, our education, our experience, our spiritual Gifts, our natural inborn abilities etc

Preposition: All Christians are called to serve God and we have been given something to serve Him with. It is upon us to discover it and dedicate it to be used for God’s Glory.


1.     God calls us to serve him with what we have;

For God to use you, the first important thing is your availability, and readiness. Other things like your education, family background, your history, your talents ,experience follows later. God can use any one in spite of his education, position, age, sex, tribe, nationality; etc serving God is not for few people who have special qualifications. In fact God is calling the disqualified and qualifies them.

When God calls us to serve him He does not take away what we have, he starts with what we have and even add some more. Our hands represent our life. Everyone has something in his life with which he can serve God, this it can be by birth, by training, by grace, by experience.

With Moses the rod in his hand represented his life as a shepherd of sheep, that was his profession, his career for 40 yrs, and God used that experience. Don’t leave behind your professional, still God can use it, God does not waste anything in your life, somewhere ,down the road that experience you have, that training you have  will be use by God. Your voice, your speaking ability, your knowledge, your sharp mind to reason etc all this can be used by God to fulfill his purpose He has through you. thing. God can use even your weakness for his Glory, God can us your accountancy skills, your medical skills, your engineering skills , your computer skills, your language skills etc.The question is what  do you have in your Hand?

When God calls us He calls us with what we have, David had  slingshot in his hand, and God used that to win the battle against Goliath.

2.     God calls us to Dedicate what we have to him:

Moses was told to through down the “rod” in his hand and He obeyed, By this it implies to surrender it, to let it Go. The lesson  for us here is  this ; It is until we surrender that we have in our hands  unto God ,then God will use it for his Glory.God wants us to consecrate our lives to him first. God is interested and want our life first before our Gifts, or our or our education, or our money etc. when we put down what we have before God ,He will anoint it for his service, and God’s power will be in it,

The same “rod” which Moses used before for 40 years was later called the rod of God. This is the Power of dedicating what we have to God, It will named after God and not after us anymore.

We need to dedicate what we have to God, and we will see the effect, the same talent which  you have been with it all years ,will start operating in a high level, This is the secret you need to know “dedication unlocks the power and the anointing of God to work ,move and operate in what we have.”Sometimes we don’t experience the power in what we have because we have not dedicated what we have unto God.

Dedication is not a simple exercise, it was not simple to Moses, it need act of faith, after dedication the same normal thing becomes different, The rod  Moses had, turned into snake to show that the power of God was manifested, and he was to do the unusual thing ,the act of faith to take back the rod by holding the snake  by the tail .The act of dedication needs faith for it to be effective.We will be shocked if God will show us what we can do if we dedicate our lives and all that we have to serve him, just like Moses was shocked when the his rod changed into snake !stop holding what God has bestowed  in your life, release it for his sake! Your money can do a lot once is dedicated to God’s work, your riches will do a lot once is released to God.

Usually God will release his anointing upon what we know and what we are doing when we dedicate unto Him and his power comes to bring transformation.

3.     God calls us to Trust on Him and not on What  we have

Why God asked Moses to put down the rod and it changed into snake and   He had to pick up again and it changed Back to a rod? The lesson God is teaching us here is this ;“God want us to have faith on him and not on what we have in our hands, not  in our Money, not  in our education, not  in our experience, not  in  our talents, not in  our gifts.etc”

He  wants us to trust on His power only and not on what we have, His power changed the rod into a snake. The rod of Moses was later changed and it was  called the “rod of God”, God does not want us to trust on our ability or in what we have, he want us to trust on him completely in spite of the things we have in our hand.

There is a trap of trusting on our own  power, training, education, talents, money ,assets, Programs, and forget to trust on God who gave us those things, it is the things we have that  give us pride. The “rod” turning into  a snake was a life lesson for Moses ,that the power in   it comes from God, not from the rod,.

       God want us to know that what makes a difference is the power of the Holy Spirit upon what we have and not what we have, It is His anointing which works when we fully surrender our lives to him.it is not our gift, is not our education, it is not our mighty, but his power! His Spirit!

Is not our good voice, is not our good  P.A.Systems, Is not our nice Church Building, It is His Power, It is not our Good Pastor  and elders it is His power! Is not our good Programs, It not our much prayers and fasting, It is not our Good preparations, it is his power!

When what you have dedicated to God start working ,that is your  “ rod” .you should always remember that is no longer yours, so all the Glory should Go to God alone!



Please don’t overlook what you have; it can have a great impact in somebody’s  life. You use it, it can be just “a word of encouragement to someone”, it can be your education, it can be your business, it can be your Job, or career, it can be your house, car etc

Are you ready to surrender that you have in your life on the feet of Jesus!

Nothing of value ,nothing of greater importance and significance will happen with what we have until we have first surrender it and put it down to Him, we must be ready to lose them all, and trust Him before picking up them again by faith.

God allowed Moses to take something which was close to him ,and he knew it well and  He anointed it and when Moses obeyed he was mighty used. The same can happen to us Today.

God bless!



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