Stay with God do not depart you will see the miracle

Welcome back on our learning centre my name is Ev.Moses Mayila

Do you know many peoples has no patient and patient is the only way by which God wants you to stand on then he will bless you! Do you know many peoples they wants to be blessed immediately and see the fruits of the blessing. But some time that it’s not Gods will, may beheh has yet blessed you but he is waiting for the time to reveal his blessing upon you. Remember that God does not work quick nor delay! He just comes to you on a proper time, you can not tell God come quick help me, but you must say Lord for your proper time come then help me. Do not force God to do what you need, he will come on his proper time, so many peoples when the see silence they depart from their creator to find out help from the enemy. Then after there Satan destroys them instead of helping them, Bibles says Satan his Job is Destroying, Killing and steeling!

These people when they go to Satan and find no more help they blame the Lord, oh God is willing me to live out the hard life. But they do not know that God was about to bless them, but without patient they departed from him.

So if you want to prosper, do not depart from the Lord, no matter your life is too hard you suppose to stay with your father God he knows his child is getting safer but he must Comfort you after he see you patient. Stay blessed man of God your creator is always with you.

Ev.Moses Kapaya Mayila
New Hope World Wide Ministry


About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail:
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