Do not be worried with what you need for your daily life!

Welcome back on our learning centre my name is Ev.moses Kapaya Mayila.

Praise Jesus

Jesus said “do not worry about tomorrow about what you will eat and cloth, so your father in heaven knows what you need, look at the birds of the air they do not plant, havest nor gether into a store but God feeds them. Are you not better than those birds?

Look at this very comforting verse, When he said “are
You not better than those birds? He means that as the children of God we are though precious than birds which God feeds them everyday! As a bird sleeps at the evening and expect to have enoughful food for itself while she did not stored any food, so they know God will feed them. But these creatures are not precious as us we are, but God feeds them because they have faith that God will must feed them. A bird is always happy full and comfortable.

The question to ask each other is, if we are though precious than birds why are we straggling for our everyday needs? The answer is, its because we have no faith if God can perform this in our life, as the culture of is, he can not help you if you never trust him. Look many people’s are straggling for their dail needs and they do not think f God can feed them always! They always straggle but at the rest they gain nothing!
I saw God several times feeding me, one day I was too hungry and I got no food in my house, so I went to sleep, it was about 4:00pm then I woke up and I prayed to My father God the I went back on my bed again, I was too hungry the strength was gone because I ate nothing from the morning. Then I was feeling thirsty so I woke up to have water, when I streghten my hand toward the backet of water I saw on it there was a black plastict bag, when I opened inside I found fried potatoes, so I praised the Lord, I ate and my strength was restored.

So do not worry about your tomorrow’s life you just say to your creator “father feed me today” remember Jesus said “give us our daily bread” so this has been yet recommend some times you need no to pray but God will feed you automatically, look at the mental They do not know what is going on the world, they do not have a store for their food. But they have food in everyday. It’s God whom feeds them everyday.

Now do not think all over the night and you get no sleep because you are thinking about t
Ommorrow, cast all those baddern upon Jesus he is responsible for you.
God bless you.


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One Response to Do not be worried with what you need for your daily life!

  1. Christopher. O . Ukeje says:

    I wnt God to help me to me to make heaven on the last day.


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