Our mission to Tanzania and Kenya

The Men of God Ev.Moses Kapaya Mayila and Ev.Kidosi yesterday they came back from their mission to Kenya and Northern Tanzania. while many sick was been healed completely, demons was driven out and a man with a disabled leg was been healed. this is some photos of what was happening there!

These peoples they accepted Jesus in Taarime Tanzania when the men of God Ev.Moses Mayila, Ev.Kidosi, Ev.Teddy Steven and so much more was preaching in Taarime Tanzania.



This Man was a disabled with his left foot, but after Prayer he was been healed. a man of God Ev.Moses Mayila & Ev.Kidosi was preaching in Kenya when this man received his miracle. peoples they took his hands support to him then he denied them, he said “I am Healed i can now walk on my self, so let me go Home, then i will come back again here” a man was very happy. (Photo by New Hope Ministry)





About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail: newhopeministrytanzania@gmail.com
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