Do not interfere of your enemies, the Lord will attack both of them!


Bibles says, “Your enemies will come to you by one way, but they will run from you by seven ways!

Peoples of God we suppose not to interfere of our enemies! because our God will fight for us. Bibles says “The war is for the Lord” so we suppose not to fight for our enemies, but we have to require an support and help from the Lord. He said “Your enemies will come to you by one way but they will run from you by seven way!” it means when your are enemies will raise up to fight against your family, business, education, children, job etc. The Lord will stand up before you to to answer the attack! Hallelujah, Bibles says “The Lord is the God of war!” so if our Lord is the God of war, and he says do not be worried of your enemies when they will come to you within one way, they will scatter from you within seven ways, it means that God will strike both of them so they will never stand firm before the Lord’s attack. So they will run each with his own way!

Keep faith in God, he heard the voice of your enemies roaring as hunting lions, but both of them they will become quite as lion’s a deadly bodies. Then you will sing Hosanna to the Lord almighty.  Keep trusting the Lord, he will help you on time.

Ev.Moses Mayila

New Hope Ministry


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2 Responses to Do not interfere of your enemies, the Lord will attack both of them!

  1. Alex Kone says:

    hello mr i great you for the name almighty god our lord Jesus Christ its true always to have faith and fair for the lord our god myself i still thanks god how gives as a life every moment but mr mosse i need help because iam a lot of challenge face me in my family such as ignores, poverty, and disease so please we need you help prayers also if you have some verses references which give as hope and strengths in prayers so please send to me thanks a lot be blesesed much pastor.



    • Dear Alex, Praise Jesus.
      Thank you for your request, sure man of God we will pray for you! Bibles says in the book of Deuteronomy “There will be no longer any poor in the land which the LORD has given it to you” so when you you trust God, Do not expect to be poor again, but you also must know that God will bless you on the proper time. so you must wait with patient! i can remember i was born in a very poor and schooless house, but when i trust God i got enough education and i got money too. since i born i did not get into a car till i was 14 years old i got a lift in a police car. but now i have my own car from God which i drive wherever i will to go! take heart Alex your father God is watching you, keep faith you will see the results, your history will be changed.

      God be with you,

      Ev.Moses Mayila


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