Grace for the moment!

When i travel with my kids, i keep all the tickets in my satchel. when the times comes to board the train or plan i stand between the attendant and the child. As each child passes i place a ticket in her hand! She in turn gives a ticket to the attendant.

Gos does the same, he stand between us and our needs! waiting to help us. For that reason Bibles says “Let us boldly approach the throne of our gracious God, where we may receive mercy and his grace t find timely help” (Heb 4:16 NEB).

Did you not those two last words? “Timely Help” not too soon, not too late. Just on time. just it is my ob to make sure that my children have what they need, God will make sure you have what you need. From his hand you will receive!

By Max Lucado


About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail:
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