NHM to open fire in Mwanza City on february 2014

New PictureNew Hope Ministry (NHM) we are preparing to have a great crusade in Mwanza city northern Tanzania beside the lake Victoria! the crusade will take place at Furahisha platform the way to Mwanza airport.

The preacher whom gonna hold the microphone are Ev.anford Kidosi, Ev.moses mayila and Ev.Ndogwe!

We expect to see an explosive anointing to take place on the high volume! miracles, signs, wonders and healing will take place at the high volume! sicks will be healed, those whom are witched will be set free by the powerful name of Jesus christ. whatever evil peoples and Satan has done to you will flee far from you. any uncurable disease will leave you! nothing problem will be left on you! all these service are free of charge its just your feet to walk to the area on which the crusade will be taking place.

Also we need some support about USD.4000 needed for the whole operation, so may God touch to contribute to enable this mission to take place! we cant move on without having some support from you! but also when you give this sacrifice for this mission God is going to open whatever was been closed in your life, business, job, health, marriage, economy, family etc. remember sacrifice makes a connection between God and you!

Before you give this sacrifice speak a word about your need over the sacrifice. remember abraham when he sacrificed he recalled in the name of the Lord, then the Lord came down over him. Remember colinelious his sacrifice was became a memorial before God, so sacrifice talks before God, that’s why am telling you to speak a word before you sacrifice that word your sacrifice will be speaking in God’s presence everyday.

May God be with you.

You can contribute through this bank account:

P.O.BOX 1431

Account number: 5460997775
Swift code: EXTNTZTZ

If you are in Tanzania you can contribute through:-

M-pesa 0755 961 270

Tigo pesa 0715 961 270

Airtel money 0787 589 475


About New Hope Ministry

Our ministry is based on Preaching the Gospel all over the world we preach the Gospel and we plant churches around the world. Contact us: Mobile: (255) 787589475 E-mail: newhopeministrytanzania@gmail.com
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