Mimistering needs much peoples with much support. So we as we, its imppsible to do every task ourselves, so we need much support from other peoples. So welcome volunteers as full time volunteers, part time volunteers and event volunteers.
Remember when you volunteer, your name will be displayed in the presence of God everyday.

So volunteering to the lord will pull you from where you are to another place. Please join us in this ministry.

How to volunteer?
:-Full & part time volunteer
Contact us through our phone lines or email below

:-Event volunteer
Look through the timetable then select which event you would like to volunteer. Send us your information for updation then we will answer you within 24hrs.

(1) According to our low economic support all volunteers will be required to pay for their visa, food and accommodation.

(2) All volunteers minimum age is 15 years.

(3) Foreign volunteers must fulfill the international rules of travelling such as passport and visa.

Positions to volunteer:-
1: preaching service
2: teaching service
3: praying service
4: deliverance service
5: evangilize service
6: canselling service
7: photography services
8: ICT service
9: driving service
10: building service

Please contact us through:-
Email: newhopeministrytanzania@gmail.com
Mobile: +255 755 961 270
Mobile: +255 715 961 270
Mobile: +255 787 589 475


2 Responses to volunteer

  1. tamirat says:

    I want to serve God with you but I am in ethiopia . How to be a volunteer?


  2. tamirat says:

    I want to serve God with you but I am in ethiopia. How to be a volunteer?


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